Project 1324 Community Guidelines

  1. Be Respectful

    We are a community for creative people between the ages of 13 and 24. Please help us keep the community safe for all members. No nudity, vulgar language, graphic violence, or content that promotes illegal activity or self-harm. If it would belong in a movie rated R (or higher), this isn't the right place for it. Consider instead showcasing more mature or adult-themed work on Behance.

  2. Be Supportive

    We are a community designed to promote and encourage creative expression. Keep your comments on other people's work constructive and encouraging.

  3. Be Open

    We are a global community. Be respectful of different cultures, religions, and identities of all participants. Language or media that demeans an individual or group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation is not welcome.

  4. Be Safe

    Don't share your personal information (like home address, phone number, email address, school name or location or other information that would let someone locate or contact you in the real world) in your profile or in comments.

  5. Be Yourself

    We are a community designed for you to share your own creative work and get inspired by the creative work of others so only upload your own original work. Uploading other people's work as if it is your own is like cheating; it's also copyright infringement.

  6. For more information about what you can and cant do on our platform, check out our Terms of Use.